About Maskuline

About Maskuline Inc.

We are Joe and Joey, founders of Maskuline Inc and we are excited to share with you a premium skincare brand for men, focused on creating safe, easy to use products that work.

Our Experience

Joe had previously established Youxiu, a tech company leveraging AI machine learning algorithms and big data cosmetic formula analysis. His team developed the Youxiu Intelligent Engine; tech that could accurately learn and simulate the experience and analytical thinking of human cosmetic formulators. The engine passed the analysis training of approximately 1 million beauty products worldwide and has been able to perform precise quantitative calculations (that are far more accurate than the humans) for each personal care product at the component and formula level. In terms of ensuring the safety and efficacy of personal care ingredients and formulas, this was a major breakthrough.

During this time, Joe was becoming more skincare-conscious but couldn't find products that met his needs. So, together with Joey, they developed a bio-cellulose face mask created from fermented naturally occurring probiotics. Now, working with leading certified formulists from Taiwan, they continue to discover and develop next level science-driven skincare solutions that work.

Our Inspiration and Goal

The skincare market has always been saturated with an overwhelming amount of products primarily for women.  Men may not always be outspoken about their skin but that doesn’t they don’t care. For decades, Men have had to rely on products that are not necessarily formulated to deliver the nourishment they need to fight the signs of aging, acne or oily skin.

As true innovators and visionaries, we noticed a growing demand for men's personal care products and saw an opportunity to create an effective skincare line tailored to men's needs. The journey and inspiration for each of our products begins with you and we are determined to deliver high quality, highly effective customer-centric solutions so you get the results your skin deserves and needs. By pioneering a revolutionary experience with our skincare solutions, we are bringing that vision to life.